Land Services

In addition to our tree removal, trimming and stump grinding services, Bergholz's Tree Experts, Inc. also specialize in the following land services:

  • Land clearing – We remove trees, brush and undergrowth to clear your land for utilization.

Land Clearing

If you have a lot which you wish to prepare for landscaping, building or perhaps even to farm, we have the manpower, expertise and equipment to make your land ready. Naturally if your land is wooded, we can take the trees down or thin them out. Additionally we can remove saplings, scrub and undergrowth, leaving your lot clear and ready for your project.

No land clearance job is too small or too big. If you have just bought a fixer-upper home with an overgrown yard, we can clear it so you have a blank canvas on which to plan your dream garden. If you have a 100 acre lot on which you plan to construct homes or commercial buildings, our team will remove the trees you specify along with all the brush and undergrowth.

Forestry Mulching 

Reclaim your land today! Very experienced in storm clean-ups, and land clearing. We provide right of way clearing for utilities,clearing for new construction,riding trails for atvs and horses, food plot clearing and planting for hunting clubs. Turning small trees,undesirable vegetation and brush into mulch with No Burning, and No Hauling and Minimal Soil Disturbance! Call Today for a free estimate! Fully Licensed and Insured! Call the office at 856-457-0196 For a Free Estimate.

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