Relief from Problem Trees Comes in Blue Trucks

Welcome to Bergholz’s Tree Experts, Inc., your trusted tree service specialists in South Jersey. Operating out of Monroeville, NJ, we are a small family business with a big reputation for excellence in tree removal and trimming as well as land services.

HomePagePic1At the heart of any good tree service business is its climbers, and at Bergholz Tree Experts, Inc. we have one of the best climbers in South Jersey – in fact, he owns the company. However, we’re known for more than a great climber and our distinctive blue trucks. Our reputation for professionalism and safety is well known throughout the area we serve.

“We were just born with woodchips in our veins” – Bergholz Brothers.

An Introduction to Our Service Provision

Bergholz’s Tree Experts, Inc. specializes in tree removal, trimming and stump grinding, as well as land clearing, logging and the purchase of standing timber. We hope you’ll stay and browse our site to find out a little more about us, but here is a brief overview of our core services.

Residential Tree Services

HomePagePic2If you need to take control of a tree to which is causing a safety issue, putting your property at risk or encroaching onto your neighbors’ properties, we can solve your problem. We perform tree trimming and tree removal to safeguard and beautify your property in Gloucester County, Camden County and all over South Jersey. We also offer stump grinding to rid you of tree stumps without making a mess of your turf.

Commercial Tree Services

For our commercial clients, we also offer trimming, tree removal and stump grinding, using all necessary precautions to protect staff and visitors to commercial premises.

24hr Emergency Service

When trees fall on property, or will imminently do so, action can’t wait until office hours, or even for a couple of hours. That’s why we provide a 24hr emergency service, either to make trees safe or to quickly remove them if they have already
fallen onto property.

Land Services

If you have a large number of trees which you wish to clear from an area of land, we offer a logging service and can also purchase your standing timber. When you need to prepare an overgrown lot for construction, HomePagePic3farming or other utilization, we provide a full land clearing service to quickly remove trees, brush and undergrowth so your project can get under way.

Follow the links above to see more information about our professional tree services and if you have any questions or would like a free estimate, please use the form on our “Contact Us” page or give our office a call at (856) 457-0196.