As you might expect from a company specializing in tree services, we clear a lot of wood away from the premises of our customers after we finish work. We also provide logging services, so in all, we generate a lot of wood products. Our policy is not to waste anything which can be reused, so we sell a portion of the hardwood we generate as firewood.

Firewood for Sale

If you have a wood fireplace you like to cozy up to in winter, or you have a wood burning stove or furnace, our high quality hardwood fire logs burn hot and slowly for maximum winter warmth without the need to keep topping up the firewood. We only sell the best hardwood, so you can be confident that creosote buildup in your chimney will never be a problem. Call for pricing!

Cord4x4x8 128 Cubic Feet
1/2 Cord4x4x464 Cubic Feet