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WELCOME!!!!…… I would like to personally welcome each and every user to our newest Bergholz’s Tree Experts Website. It has been a tough process, but we are extremely happy to finally be able to launch it! Along with our new website, and exceptionally user-friendly links, we are starting a weekly blog! Our blogs will consist mainly around the focus of trees, landscaping, and very helpful tips that may come in handy!

A little background information for you, we are a 4th generation owned and operated family company. We grew up in the woods, and realized, that is where we want to stay. Learning hands on how to operate machinery and equipment properly is key to our success. Sometimes in the tree business, you cannot just sit down in a classroom and learn about it. I mean sure you can, but being in the business since we could walk, just expands our knowledge so much farther then you could ever learn in a book. “Bergholz” our last name is derived from our German ancestors (the 1st Generation) from when they sailed into Ellis Island. The name “Bergholz” sounds like there should be a “T” in it, because there originally was one, “Bergholtz”. A little history fact for you, when our ancestors, and I mean everyone’s ancestors, sailed into Ellis Island, last names were typically altered. Names were changed because the employees at Ellis Island felt as if the names stayed the same; the immigrants may risk not getting a particular job.

The best part of the story is coming up. Over in Germany, the name “Bergholz” means “Mountain Wood”. How cool is that? We are not certain if the name was given to our family because our ancestors in Germany were in the tree/wood business, but it would be pretty awesome if they were.

We are the Bergholz’s, and our origin and meaning of the name proves that we are all about the tree/logging/wood industry. There is no greater love, then the first sound of the chainsaw in the morning. We are professionals, and we absolutely love our occupation. Keep an eye out for those Bergholz Blue Trucks!

Please check periodically for updates, I guarantee they will be happening often! Also, if anyone would like a certain topic touched on at any point, feel free to send me a quick note through our Contact Page. I hope everyone has a great day/week! Until next time… ~CB

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