Fall is the Perfect Time to Trim Potentially Problem Trees

Fall is the best opportune time for homeowners to check their surroundings and be on the lookout for any hazardous trees that may cause unnecessary emergencies or casualties before winter actually begins.

Here are some tips as to how to manage those trees before they become a bigger problem.

  1. No matter how much you love the tree, protection and security come first.

Older trees can be part of a homeowner’s or even a community’s identity and daily life; however, it pays to remember that the older the tree, the weaker some of its branches. It is good to have a professional check the integrity of the tree and remove its branches that are hanging dangerously low. They may protect from the sun, but once these branches are filled (especially by heavy snowfall come winter), these branches may break and fall on property and unsuspecting pedestrians.

Remember, the one who owns the tree is responsible for what effects that tree may provide, whether it’s shelter or damage to property and life.


  1. It’s in the wire.

During the fall season, trees also start to shed, and by doing so, may come in contact with electrical wires and other cables that may cause fires or blackouts. Professionals such as the Bergholzs Tree Experts can prevent this from happening at present and even in the near future by pruning the tree in such a way that the growth will not affect any important connections. They can also work with electrical companies to accomplish this, without the need for any homeowner to spend more fees.

  1. Have our number ready in case of emergency.

With the upcoming seasons becoming unpredictable, it is good to have a 24-hour emergency number (856) 457-01 96 ready and on hand in cases where trees obscure traffic lights, home entries, and other important entry ways.

Pruning early and regularly is always best! Have a Bergholz Tree Expert come out and give you a free evaluation and estimate today!


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