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Weather Snowstorms with Bergholz’s 24 Hour Emergency Service

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Snowstorms are no laughing matter. The freeze is deadly and economically draining – in 2014, millions of dollars are lost across all industries and it is still unclear whether these will still be recovered in the coming months or years. And according to climate pundits, no thanks to climate change, extreme conditions will become more of the rule than the exception. Badly put, these storms are now the new normal.
One of the most affected during snowstorms and can pose as a threat to property and human safety are big trees which can be uprooted or get heavy due to the weight of the amount of snow with big branches that can fall on homes, cars, and passing pedestrians.

  1. Have your emergency numbers ready. Bergholz Tree Experts – (856)-457-0196

Trees are very unpredictable in general. And in cases of emergencies, it helps to have a list of reliable suppliers ready for any kind of situation. Among all, having a company such as Bergholz that can provide 24 hour emergency service in removing trees that block streets, entry ways, road signage and other major thorough ways is critical.

  1. Do not respond to emergencies yourself.

The first decision that one may make when it comes to trees or branches that have come unhinged or dangerous is to remove it themselves. This is highly dangerous and will lead to more problems as major wirings related to cables or electricity may be affected. Bergholz’s 24 hour emergency service has professionals on standby who are properly equipped to handle such situations. They are capable of doing the job without causing further damage. These 24 hour emergency service responders are properly dressed for the work especially involving low temperatures. Homeowners who may opt to do it themselves may lead to lethal consequences, being ill-equipped to be exposed to the elements, such as frostbites, wind burns, and the like.

When it comes to response time, 24 hour emergency service is also on top of any situation and can help quickly versus individuals who have no tools at any given moment. And as we all know, when it comes to emergencies, every minute counts – something that 24 hour emergency service when it comes to clearing tree debris knows too well.

  1. Prepare ahead

Bergholz’s Tree Experts can do a thorough evaluation before the winter season even comes around. With their expertise, they can already trim the surrounding trees in any property and clear any branches that is already hanging lowly on roads and other major thoroughfares.

When it comes to snowstorms, responders should be able to pass through every time to reach out to homes for rescue purposes. No matter what happens, roads must be passable at all times to be able to reach out to homes who seek help, medical assistance, and in worst cases, evacuation assistance.

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