How Tree Experts Protect Your Lawn and Turf

Tree care experts use many different types of equipment to do their jobs. Arborists need to climb trees, cut and remove branches or limbs, pull trees, remove stumps and split logs. All of this specialized work needs the right piece of equipment. In many cases, tree exports drive heavy equipment or vehicles over the grounds of your property. The heavy loads can cause problems for your grass or turf.

How to Protect Lawns and Turf

Tree professionals who care about leaving your property in better condition than when they found it, take steps to minimize damage to your lawn. By placing mats on the ground, walkways, or driveways, you don’t have to worry about damage to these areas.  The ground protection mats are a necessity and manufacturers often guarantee them to protect the surfaces of your property. The temporary ground cover mats also prevent the equipment and vehicles from getting stuck in muddy, wet, or swampy areas. The mats are designed to help arborists do their jobs more efficiently.

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See a Demonstration of How Mats are Turf Friendly

Going to the Salem County Fair? This event is being held August 9 to August 12 in Woodstown, New Jersey. Admission is free.

The fair has been around since 1959. This year Bergholz Tree Experts will be doing a demonstration on how the company protects your grass, lawn and turf when on work sites. The demonstration will give potential customers a chance to see the Bergholz team in action. As part of the demonstration the team will use a mini skid steer. Also, known as a skid loader, this is an engine-powered piece of equipment with lift arms for attaching various tools. During the demonstration you will see how the ground protection mat works with any kind of heavy equipment or wheeled machine.

The Salem County Fair is a great place to have some old-fashioned family fun. There are pony rides, pig races, horse shows, and the opportunity to hang out with farm animals. But the fair is also educational. There are workshops on recycling, blacksmithing demonstrations, a police K-9 demonstration, and, of course, the Bergholz Tree Experts lawn-friendly equipment demonstration.

When it’s time to have the trees on your property inspected for vulnerabilities that can cause damage to your property, contact Bergholz Tree Experts by phone or email. The company has the expertise and knowledge to take care of the trees on your property while also protecting your lawn and turf.

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