The Importance of Preventative Maintenance for Healthy Trees and Safety

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Residential and commercial property owners have many responsibilities, including keeping the trees on their properties healthy. With healthy trees there are fewer safety concerns. Tree care is essential for the ongoing health of trees. With preventative maintenance, you ensure that the trees surrounding homes, apartment buildings or office complexes create a beautiful landscape without any risk to property or people.

What is Preventative Maintenance?

Preventative eminence is a part of tree care that provides a proactive approach. The goal of preventative maintenance is to keep all the trees on your property healthy and in safe condition. This means hiring an arborist or tree expert to monitor the trees on a regular basis. By being proactive, tree experts look for potential problems that can put trees at risk such as decaying, diseased or dead trees. The arborist has the experience to recognize problems  and resolve these issues before they become serious hazards causing extensive damage, and costly clean-up jobs.

Benefits of Ongoing Tree Care

There are several benefits of preventative maintenance. Regular visits by tree experts keep trees healthy and this improves the appearance of the landscape. A well-maintained landscape can increase property values. However, the most important reason for preventative maintenance is to reduce safety hazards. A strong wind or ferocious storm can cause a vulnerable or diseased tree to topple over, causing damage and possibly injuries.

Types of Tree Hazards and Problems

Trees have natural defenses, but when they are unhealthy, they are susceptible to common tree diseases. As a part of preventative maintenance, arborists examine trees for signs of disease during the annual visit or seasonal visits to your property. Unhealthy trees are also more vulnerable to harmful insects and other pests. In some situations, an unhealthy tree may start leaning to one side, resulting in a hazardous condition. Tree experts also look for tree root rot, one of main reasons for trees toppling over with little warning.

The health problems of many trees are often associated with changes in the environment. Without proper growing conditions for trees to thrive, the trees are more prone to developing diseases. Limbs and branches that are dead or decaying can break off and damage buildings and vehicles, in addition to harming people. Fallen trees and large branches damage power lines, cause power outages, and block roads.

Solutions That Tree Experts Provide

Arborists have many treatment options for getting trees healthy. They may use one method or a combination of methods to get the best results.  Arborists prune trees to remove dead or decaying branches, and for safety reasons. The use of pesticides may also be needed to manage insect infestation. Tree experts also cut down dead trees that are in danger of falling, and shore up weak, leaning or aging trees with cabling or other support systems. If you want to add new trees to replace removed ones, arborists help you choose the best trees for the region you live in while also providing services such as planting and mulching the soil. Tree experts also test for nutrient deficiencies in the soil and apply the appropriate fertilizers. Checking the irrigation system for the trees is also a part of tree care.

Trees require long-term care to maintain a lush and green landscape. They provide fruit, shade, privacy and beauty. To keep your property looking good year round and to reduce safety concerns, you need to have your trees inspected at least once per year. By hiring a tree expert who understands the importance of preventative maintenance, you get a professional who care about the safety and beauty of your property.

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