Storm Damage and Trees – What You Need to Know

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When a storm is forecast for your area, there are many possible outcomes for the trees on your property. Although you want to minimize the damage, heavy rains and high winds can topple trees or break off branches and send them crashing down on your home, garage, or car. The lives of your family members are also in peril. The best thing to do is to discover hazardous conditions before a storm begins. By hiring tree experts to inspect the trees on your property, you can reduce storm damage.

Trees and Storm Damage

After a storm, trees can be in a precarious position. You might have minimal damage or a fallen tree on your house. This requires immediate attention. Some tree experts provide 24/7 emergency service for such situations. There may be other dangerous conditions on your property. During severe weather the following are also possibilities.

  • Flooding saturates the soil causing tree roots to fail which may cause trees to topple over
  • Leaves on the branches add weight and increase wind resistance so trees are at a higher risk for damage
  • Limbs become weaker and break off
  • Trees lean to one side due to disturbed root systems and are more susceptible to falling over
  • Trees become entangled with other trees or with buildings or structures

Why You Need to Hire a Tree Expert

Most homeowners don’t have the training or experience to recognize a potentially hazardous condition on their property. Although you can’t completely protect your property, a tree expert has the skills to find issues that can pose threats during a storm. By hiring an experienced arborist to evaluate the trees surrounding your home on an annual basis, you reduce the chances of severe storm damage.

When a tree expert inspects the trees, they look for any potential hazards such as decaying or dead branches or trees. Trees also succumb to diseases which leave them more vulnerable during a storm. Tree experts evaluate the base of trees looking at its root system and soil, and/or do a climbing inspection of the top of the trees. After a complete analysis, the tree expert recommends a course of treatment to fix the problems.

Ongoing tree care is also important to keep the trees healthy and strong. Regular pruning to remove dead or decaying limbs and fertilizing to make trees stronger can make the trees better able to withstand the effects of a storm.

Tree experts also perform storm damage cleanup. This is very important if you have a fallen tree or large branches on your property. Tree experts ensure that the cleanup is performed safety and efficiently.

Trees add beauty to your home and landscape, but also pose a risk when there is a severe storm. With annual inspections and tree care, you have peace of mind that the trees around your home are in good condition. When the next storm approaches, you won’t have to about severe damage to your personal property.

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